Family Law

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Legal family problems are some of the most difficult to solve. Emotions are often highly-charged and disagreements between parents are especially difficult on the children. Eastman Law Firm has handled thousands of cases of people in your same situation, and our knowledgeable family law attorneys can handle yours as well. We are dedicated to getting results for our clients at an affordable price, because we understand the difficulties that come with legal problems and everyday life. When you're dealing with divorce, child custody, child support, or paternity issues, you need a lawyer that will fight for your rights as a parent and a spouse or partner.

A Father's Role in his Child's Life is Important

• In the past communities and courts have devalued a father’s role in his child’s life.

• In recent years there has been a shift and fathers have been able to gain custody of their children.

• On the whole, children tend to be better adjusted with both parents playing an active role in their lives.

Fathers Often Pay More in Child Support than is required!

• The child support enforcement system many times does not take crucial factors into consideration when calculating a child support amount.

• Child support determined by the child support enforcement system is almost always too high.

• Child support may be modified by a court when a Father has experienced a substantial change in circumstances or when the amount was determined by the child support enforcement system.

My name is Bruce Eastman and I have been practicing family law in St. Louis, Missouri for 30 years with a heavy emphasis on fathers’ rights. I am a strong advocate for fathers in their attempts to be taken seriously when it comes to parenting their children. I am very successful in gaining visitation and custody rights for the fathers I represent.

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